Women Who are Up to Something!


Are you committed to making a difference?


Are you a woman in her 50's, 60's or 70's extremely competent

but unfulfilled?


Are you afraid of taking the leap in an area

that means the most to you?


Are you worried that if you find something you really like, you won't make enough money?


Do you feel drained from not doing

what you feel called to do? 



What if you could generate an income doing what you really love?

Maybe you have a dream project to launch online, with everyone talking about it?

Imagine having a team of experts, totally on board, working when you are not?

How can you use your unique talents to make the world a better place?

Maybe you have an expertise, like working  with groups, and want to work strictly from referrals?




"...women yearn to play a bigger, more meaningful game. This is the game I call Sacred Success. This game has a decidedly spiritual component and a deep commitment to a higher purpose, or a search for significance."  Barbara Stanny, Sacred Success






Personal Discovery Worksheet

This is for you to think through what might be possible for you as a leader with gifts, talents, and extraordinary passion for making a contribution and leaving a legacy.

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Meet former client Audrey Fannin Muck

“I increased my organization skills  by over 80%, I was even able to go to Europe for a month while others continued to work on the project! I stepped up my game by 88%, expanding my network, adding assistants, a team, support from the film industry, and a grassroots support base;And I increased my communication skills by 85%.

Devoted to re-igniting the women's movement, Audrey has produced the trailer for her film, increased the local chapter of NOW tenfold, and serves  on the national board for NOW, receiving awards for her dedication to passing the ERA.

 Audrey Fannin Muck