How can you take off running in January? Most people have a difficult time getting back on track. One of the most powerful ways to set your intention and excitment about what you want to create for the next year  is to make a Vision Board. I used a Vision Board to create:

  • a corporate job,
  • my incredible husband (yes, you heard right,)
  • an expense paid trip to California,
  • my current home complete with gazebo 
  • some of my wonderful clients, and
  • a vacation with a zipline over the mountains!

One of my favorite Vision Board stories is about my daughter, Simone. When she was 10 years old, she accompanied me to a business expo where she got to have her picture imposed on a magazine cover. The photographer asked her what she wanted to be famous for and she replied, "Selling Girl Scout cookies!" 

Here's her magazine cover, a perfect Vision board.  It did not surprise me that Simone ended up selling close to 30,000 boxes of cookies! She was featured on television, newspapers throughout the country, and even a radio show in Vermont! And best of all, she got to attend Girl Scout camp every year for free!

Simone on magazine cover    Many corporations and acheivers use Vision Boards or animated visualizations to acheive the same purpose. When I worked at Epcot, I learned how Disney required all workers building the theme park to watch an aninated moving representing the finished park. Inspite of terrible weather interrupting progress, the workers managed to have everything finished on time. They were all visualizing the results of thier efforts.

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