“Blessed are they who see beautiful things in humble places, where other people see nothing” ~ Camille Pissarro 


  I'll never forget the day I was called to meet with teachers at my 4 year old son's school. He had had an "incident" at the previous child care and I was dreading another confrontation about my child's behavior. When I arrived, 2 teachers and a teaching assistant sat behind a table with a chair for me in front. My anxiety increased as I sat down. I began to sweat and gripped my notebook to take down serious notes.

As my son's teacher began, the assistant started dabbing at her eyes with a kleenex. 

"Oh, no," I thought. "This is really upsetting." 

The story however, went a completely different direction. The teacher began to share how my son befriended a Down's Syndrome child whom the other children were afraid of because of her history of biting. My son didn't know her history, and found her delightful. He chose her as a play partner outside, and laughed at her antics which in turn thrilled the little girl. In a matter of days, the entire class shifted their perspective and accepted the little girl. The telling of this story resulted in all three teacher's wiping tears from their eyes!

This precious story will stay in my heart forever. It reminds me of my son's ability to appreciate diversity even now, 23 years later. And yet, this story came from a "humble place."  It's a story of a relationship between two children, then between 16 children. 

Where do you see beautiful things in humble places? Do you volunteer? Do you notice the little touches of special service at your favorite coffee shop? Or the small efforts of extra service at the grocery store? 

Once you begin looking, you will see "beautiful things in humble places" everywhere!