Dear Ana,


 The UN experience was so profound, and I got lots of feedback from clients and friends regarding my last newsletter. Here's a little more!

 (This is a front row seat to hear the panel on sextrafficking. The room completely filled up..hundreds of people, with a panel of survivors and a male facilitator: the Ambassador from Iceland, a man with a gift for expressing empathy, acknowledgment, and gratitude....the markings of a true leader.

1. The most difficult sessions to be in were the ones on sex trafficking.  Just getting present to how and where it exists. It thrives at big sporting events!  The "John"s are white males, earn $70,000 or more, have families, and often daughters! They go to sports events out of town and have sex.  But what happens when women are treated like property?  

However, I also experienced this at those same sessions:

  • Survivors who escaped, and developed themselves into strong women leaders who speak out and help other survivors, even heading up agencies!
  • Exceptional men (such as the ambassador from Iceland and one from Sweden) who express deep empathy, and appreciation for the courage of the survivors who share, then commit to doing what they can to end this horrific practice;
  • The realization that ALL of us need to teach our boys about boundaries and respect, and make sure that girls have careers (even if they are not our daughters.)


2. We as a country have cut way back on the  refugees we will accept. We (Americans) wear anti-refugee T-shirts (saw one yesterday) and we do NOT include them in community welcome campaigns (heard it from the mouth of the local spokesperson when I asked.) However, San Antonio has the greatest number of refugees and diverse populations....they are celebrated, welcomed, and invited to participate in community programs and share their stories. San Antonio is one of the top 5 tourist destinations nationally, and one of the top ten internationally!  I say we embrace diversity! What about you?


3.  Interact with and support millenials!  Cheer on these brave high schoolers! We have a lot of power in these young people. I am so proud of my "adopted" daughter at church, and I love my "adopted Chinese daughter." Find some awesome girls to adopt. (Hurray for the men who are "mentoring" fatherless boys!) is a fabulous resource for any of you who are teachers or mothers of girls: It is a rich resource, one that needs careful managing. When  incorporated into a girls program or curriculum, it can lead her to a clearer awareness of her potential, vast career choices, and successful mentors modeling  for her.


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I'm closing with another favorite quote from Australian novelist, Elizabeth O'Connor:

"Envy is a symptom of lack of appreciation of our own uniqueness and self-worth. Each of us has something to give that no one else has."