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Big news! 


I have some big news! It's with great delight that I am announcing my upcoming plans to participate in the Commission for Status of Women Forum at the UN in March. At first, I was doubtful whether or not I would be able to go. Afterall, it requires transportation, food, and lodging in New York and all of those planning details, plus I have to reschedule clients. But the more I thought about the concerns that would be addressed by women from all over the world, I realized that I HAD to go! I can't afford NOT to have my perspectives widened and to add international personalities to my growing network. My clients will  benefit.

That's how growth is. It can require risk, a lot of change, and a new worldview. Whether one is learning new skills, or learning how to understand other people in a new way, it takes a commitment to change. Often, one experiences a breakthrough as a result! And that gets exciting. 

How about you? How will you keep your leadership skills honed in 2018? What gets in the way of investing in opportunities to widen your perspective, your network, and your understanding of yourself?

I'm thrilled to offer several small, quality workshops for my clients this year. I have 5 scheduled, each offering power tools, and promising results. They are short intensives. If  you register for all five, you can get a big, 20 % savings!   We will practice using the power tools  in the workshop so you will have what you need to make a difference right away.

They are scheduled on Fridays or Saturday mornings, but only last 2 and a half hours. If you want to dramatically expand your network, make an impact on an audience, or upgrade the teamwork in your office, these workshops will offer something for you. If you get the entire series of 5, you will be stretching your limits, becoming more effective while playing bigger in life!

I am also offering one more workshop to make Vision Boards, or Treasure Maps as I call them. People are still requesting them. I personally make 2 or 3 each year: one for work and the clients I love, another for my rituals of self-care that put me "in the one," and still another for vacations with my husband.  This workshop is separate from the leadership series of 5, so don't confuse it if you are planning to go for the 20% discount.

I accept Paypal. You can click on this link to see the workshops, then click on each one to register individually, or click on the special button to get all 5 in the Leadership series with the discount.

May this year be your best ever, with lots of breakthroughs, opportunities and a new understanding of your inner brilliance!