Season Greetings,Ana!


This is the perfect time to clean out! Closets, drawers, spare bedrooms storing "stuff"!

Need a little inspiration to get going? I watch Youtube videos of Konmari's method" The Art of Tidying Up!" It's a best seller.


You will be amazed at the peace, centeredness, and joy that emerges from your home and lifts your spirit.

How about your office? Do you have old, crammed  file drawers? Messy supply closet? What can you let go of?

Having a good home for passing things on helps. I keep taking carloads of stuff to the Educator's Warehouse. Teacher's get to benefit.

Office supplies went to a school before I found the Educator's Warehouse. Expensive picture frames went to the Habitat Restore. 


NOW...what are YOU willing to let go of regarding old habits, negative thought patterns, or triggered reactions? This morning, at a good friends' home where I often stop for coffee, I became aware of how much I complain! OUCH!  My friend even caught me making a biased statement last week. Double OUCH!   

Who can you ask to make you aware of those little things you want to get rid of?  

Let go, toss, and celebrate! Then you have created the space for visualizing new opportunities, ways of being, friends, breakthroughs, and a new possibility for the planet! Why not?


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See you in 2018!