1. Make a list the night before of 6 things to accomplish the next day. Watch your productivity soar! 5 minutes!


  1. First thing in the morning- read something inspiring for 5 minutes! It can empower your mindset for the rest of the day! Some of my favorites: Failing Forward by John Maxwell, Living an Inspired Life by Jim Rohn, Your Sacred Self by Wayne Dyer, Wisdom by Krista Tippett.



  1. Express your gratitude…! Coming from gratitude is the MOST powerful way to live, regardless of what you have, where you live, or what you do for work. Expressing gratitude to your spouse or partner, your co-workers, and servers throughout the day makes everyone’s world better. Less than 5 minutes…makes a BIG difference for them, and you'll feel  better, too. 


           Bonus: Take time to sincerely thank the person who picks up your garbage and delivers your mail. Thank the police at the next outdoor event you attend, and thank the person cleaning a bathroom at a hotel you are in. You might be surprised how this small gesture comes back to you in spades when you are not expecting it!