Can’t come to the early morning coffee,” he said. “Gotta take kids to school.”

“Thanks for being a committed dad,” I shot back an email.

Then a surprise response: “Thanks for the encouragement!”


Who doesn’t need encouragement? Or acknowledgement for one’s commitment and determination? It's one thing my  clients can count on...a coach will celebrate, encourage, and praise successes, triumphs, and hard effort. Sometimes I even ASK my own coach for acknowledgement in a certain area! That's one of the special aspects in a coaching relationship.

It doesn’t matter if you are a CEO, an accomplished artist, teacher, or business person. We ALL need encouragement and acknowledgement.   And we forget to give it to our partners,  children, and most of all….to OURSELVES!

This past summer, I created a retreat for a small law firm. In addition to learning about each other’s strengths, there was a special communication session to clear the air. Then, the staff made a list of things that would continue the positive energy in their work environment. They decided to have a “Gratitude Day” every Thursday. This would be their day to express their gratitude to each other AND to the law partners for specific tasks well done, cases won, and expressions of generosity.

A month later, the difference has been amazing. One of the paralegals expressed her gratitude for the retreat that resulted in a new relationship with another staff member. Her working world has totally changed.


May we ALL express gratitude as we acknowledge and encourage each other in difficult times.