When crisis hits…


Watching Hurricane Harvey leave people stranded and powerless has caused an emotional reaction in most all of us. There are 12 key ways to act and be in a crisis. Here is my list, from personal experience with a tragic crisis:

  1. Act vs react.
  2. Stay connected…to information and family.
  3. Be centered as possible, staying in the moment by moment.
  4. Work as a unit.
  5. Develop a plan of action to deal with the immediate situation.
  6. Keep your sense of humor, it offers people a tension release.
  7. Acknowledge others…for being brave, generous, helpful, whatever good that you see. This will calm others.
  8. Communicate…. the tweets, photos and videos share your world with others who can organize assistance.
  9. Cooperate with first responders, service organizations…withhold your criticism; this is not the time.
  10. Be a leader, get to know yourself as someone who is serving others in crisis, staying calm. Other leaders will begin to connect with you, and together, you become powerful.
  11. Make careful notes of who you will thank and acknowledge publicly.
  12. Take time daily to nurture yourself spiritually. Be open to spiritual signs, and the power of faith. This is when it seems most significant.


“It is times like this we are reminded just how precious life can be and how fragile each of us truly are.”- author unknown


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