Leaders need to know leaders. AND, they are constantly expanding their networks. Plus, they love rich, provocative conversation.

One of my most successful programs is "Conversations in Leadership." I invite 7 people to join me for a meal, and then kick off some stimulating questions, and make sure everyone has a chance to participate.  The result? Time flies, people exchange cards, discover mutual friends, share events and opportunities, and make appointments for lunch. 

It's successful every time. This  event works because of the diverse mix of people: Executive Directors, entrepreneurs, corporate professionals, attorneys, etc.

Since summer can be slow with people on vacation, it's a perfect time to stimulate some new connections.

So, if you are local (in the Triad area,) let me know via email if you would like to be invited to a Conversation in Leadership. I am holding them at 7:30 for breakfast. Pick the date that works for you, and I'll confirm details in an email.

Tues, Aug 1, 7:30 AM

Tues. Aug 15,  7:30 AM

Fri. Aug 26,  7:30 AM


Details in the email. It will be Dutch, of course. But you will leave richer than you came.


Looking forward to hearing from you!