It’s summer!! How about making this your best summer ever, with personal development and adventure?

Here’s a few ideas to kick your summer off to a GREAT start…while nurturing your inner purpose!


Read something amazing! Charge up your summer with new ideas, an inspiring biography or an exciting novel. Notice what deeply stirs you. Here are some great ones stacked up on my bedside:

  • This Fight is Our Fight: The Battle to Save America’s Middle Class by Elizabeth Warren (awesome!)
  • Overcoming Underearning by Barbara Stanny (I’m inviting all my clients to work through this one!)
  • Calling from the Heart: An Invitation to your Soul Companion by Robin White Star (beautiful book,Robin!)


Set a new, audacious goal just for the summer! I’ve entered a 5K scheduled for August 26. Just bought my running bra today…I start running tomorrow! I know the runner’s app to get, and I’m inviting other women to walk or run with me (it’s sponsored by Family Services, whom I support.) So I hope to have some people to hold me accountable. You can sign up at or find your own! I found this site:


Plan a vacation…even if it’s on a frugal budget! It gives you something to look forward to. We have enjoyed camping trips, visits to friends, and nearby adventures. I’m a whiz at packing lunches! I realized that if I didn’t plan it, it wasn’t going to happen! As of today, we are going to explore New Orleans! Don’t discount day trips. (Ever go to Floyd, Va?) Just get away! (Just google “go on a road trip,” and see what you get!)

Attend a conference!  Find one! A great conference takes you out of your immediate environment, connects you to other people, and introduces you to new ideas. I guarantee there is a conference on your interest, political persuasion, hobby, faith, or future considerations. Look up Environment, co-housing, women’s issues, alternative health, vegetarian retreat, you get the idea. I’m going to the NOW conference while Robert is attending several Cribbage tournaments. Hey, to each his own!


Attend a film festival! These can absolutely be life changing! This year, I saw over 19 films at our international film festival. I especially love the documentaries, although a beautiful French romance was just stunning. I contacted some of the filmmakers afterwards, to let them know how their hard work impacted me. No festival? See if you can find “The Country Doctor,” in French with English subtitles.


Clean out! REALLY clean out! It makes such a difference in your life when you have a peaceful, uncluttered environment. Read the book, The Art of Tidying Up, by Marie Kondo or watch some youtube videos of her work. It’s a specific process. You might even watch the movie, “The Minimalists” for a little inspiration!


Head for the mountains! I can’t wait to head up to Pilot Mountain with a captain’s chair, my book, sweet little dog, and lots of water. We just sit in the shade, and I read my heart out.


Get on the water! Who cares what you look like in your bathing suit?! Rent a kayak or canoe, or head for the beach. Slather on the sunscreen….no spouse to go with you? Call some girlfriends! Take your camera, colored markers with an adult coloring book, or some crazy board games. We like “Telestrations.” The more the merrier.


Take on a serious area of your life to do some self-discovery.

  • Sacred Success by Barbara Stanny has you confront your beliefs around money and power! It’s heavy stuff!!!
  • Courage, Risks, and Rewards is a new self study program featured on my website.
  • Nonviolent Communication, A Language of Compassion by Marshall Rosenberg, PhD offers new tools for improving personal and professional relationships.

These ideas and experiences will bring you such growth, pleasure, and a new way of seeing things…you will be a different person at the end of the summer!

One more adventure… I have a free gift for you!  You can access it from my new website: Fall in love with your wonderful self….! Enjoy it!

Best wishes,

Ana Tampanna, Coach for Women who are Up to Something!