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Women….Standing in their Power



“I trust that all I need to know is revealed to me and whatever I need comes to me.

 Commitment raises energy to a very high level. It eliminates indecision.

 Life is an experience. When we are fully alive, our capacity to experience is total.”

 These are the words of a brilliant woman and friend as she creates a powerful context for her 2nd round of chemo treatments for Ovarian Cancer, which appears to be spreading. She is now going to the Mayo Clinic.


Her words are full of beautiful wisdom. Her life has been one of action and celebration. Carol supported international peace champions back in the 80’s. She raised a remarkable daughter, and sought peace and inspired learning for herself. She struggled with some health challenges, yet kept her calm, peaceful center. In her 60’s, she studies Spanish, committed to being a communicator with other cultures.


More inspired words come from Journalist Kathleen Parker of the Washington Post wrote an article (published in The Winston-Salem Journal on 5/15/2017 ) regarding the recent appearances of Sally Yates and Condoleeza Rice, citing their bold wisdom and calm demeanor fiercely anchored to their values. I joined with Kathleen in feeling especially proud of my gender.

And, finally, a wonderful lawyer sends me her favorite quotes every day. I can’t wait to read them, their surge of power is something I can count on. Here is today’s:

“Women belong in all places where decisions are being made. It shouldn't be that women are the exception.” ~ Ruth Bader Ginsburg

The Women’s March stirred something deep within me. That stirring has grown. I have joined NOW and look forward to their national conference. I continue to meet with other bold women, women who are successful, but bothered. It is time for women’s wisdom to come center stage. It’s time that we give up jealousy and other boundaries that keep us from being powerful. It is time to support each other, to read, learn and question, and to insist that others NOT interrupt when a woman is speaking. Whose words stir you?

Who do YOU want to stir with YOUR words?

What is it time for you to do? To become? What are you giving your life to?


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