Patti Parker  (upon experiencing a devestating divorce and dealing with serious physical health challenges)

 "This has been transformative!”

  1. My confidence increased by 50% (doubled)
  2. My sense of empowerment  (express what I want, ability to make requests, set boundaries, negotiate, and make financial decisions increased by 70%
  3. My ability to trust others- increased by 70% (Electrician, plumber, handyman, friends, financial planner, psychiatrist)
  4. My spirituality and my ability to experience peace 50% (doubled)
  5. My ability to have more fun- increased by 70%

“Life is ups and downs....you have to embrace the ups as well as experience the downs"


Briana Ramirez     

" Every session I get so much: 

  • Clarity, 
  • Self discovery around my blind spots, and 
  • Inspiration.                                                 

I'm having more and more "breakthrough days!"


  Bonnie Dawn Clark                                                                                                                               

"I hired Ana to help me work on a project. Little did I know what lay ahead for me: 

  • a terrible divorce happening,
  • physical disabilities that complicated my will to live, and
  • a campaign to run for NC House of Representatives in a very rural, Republican district.

Ana helped me to clarify what I wanted and needed to navigate the tumultuous waters of personal, physical, emotional, financial, and time challenges successfully with relative ease given the magnitude of what I took on and the variety of different forces                                                affecting me. "





  Gayle Tuch

 “I’m a lot more serene…I changed my direction, and I’m moving ahead and not spinning my wheels. I no longer am so compulsive about everything. I found my true north, and am now writing my legacy. I’m ahead of my 5 year plan!” 


Competencies with Outcomes:

  • Improved Personal Communications and Self-Awareness;
  • Increased ability to delegate,
  • Created support systems personally and professionally;
  • Developed a culture focused on values and teamwork in her practice;
  • Dramatically Increased Self-Care, Balance, Health and Fitness to regular daily practice;
  • Expanded public awareness, network of peers, and state and national resources.

Celeste Harris

Before I started working with Ana, I felt challenged by key relationships in my personal and work life. It was exhausting, that feeling of being stuck and frustrated. I was like a hamster in a cage, not able to organize my thoughts and activities in a way that, in my mind, was productive. I wanted to do something but I didn’t know what.

Six months into coaching and I have increased my enjoyment of life and fun time by 50%, my self-awareness and effectiveness in relationships by 80%! I feel more confident in my communication skills and my role at the office, knowing myself as a leader with purpose. That is what, I discovered, had been missing.  With Ana’s guidance and feedback, I renewed my obligation to the firm with new enthusiasm.

Ana is very intuitive, experienced and prepared.  Most helpful for me were Ana’s powerful communication tools and her insight into interrupting thought processes that don’t get me anywhere. I look forward to continuing to develop my leadership and my legacy in the community.

Celeste Harris

Audrey Fannin Muck, Filmmaker, national board member of NOW.              

·        I increased my organization skills by over 80%;

·        I stepped up my game by 88%,

·        And I increased my communication skills by 85%.

In a coaching environment, Audrey developed new competencies that helped her to focus, be organized, work with deadlines, and to play much, much bigger: “I was even able to go to Europe for a month while others continued to work on the project!”

Eunice Campbell

Meet Eunice, who decided to run for school board. In just 4 months, Eunice built a network of experienced political experts, created a liaison with the school administration, and developed a serious team dedicated to her success.  Her appointment book is full, a banker has offered to be her treasurer, and she has donations coming in. AND, the official launch date is not for four months.

Eunice says, “Four months into coaching, and I have increased my ability to delegate by 40%,  my life balance has increased by 40% and my time management by 30 % .  I’m in control, creating the life I want, minute by minute. I have a new way of thinking, a team, and money in the bank! Ana has been my partner every step of the way!”

I know so many more people than I knew 6 months ago. People recognize me...I'm speaking out and up more. I make my presence known.


"Thank you, Ana, for changing my life by introducing me to my inner leader, improving my relationships with my family and the Better Business Bureau team, and for being a stand for me: always.  Who you are for me is accountability, compassion, energy, insight and encouragement!"

 Brian Wright, Executive Director and CEO for Better Business Bureau of Northwest North Carolina


I began giving myself better self-care, keeping my word with company managers, and talking about the corporate vision with the leadership team. I became aware of my strengths and values, and created a structure for my networking so that my family had more time with me. In addition to selling some very large contracts, I noticed that I was influencing company leaders to communicate with more integrity. I’ve added 67 companies to my database, raised $5,900 for a non-profit, and I’ve been invited to join their board. I am mentoring other professionals as well.

I am a catalyst for change and a stand for integrity.  I now know myself as a person who causes growth in other people, the company and myself. I feel deeply satisfied when I am a contribution to others. I strive to be a leader that people look up to.

Bobby Rouse, Sales Professional and Community Leader

"Ana helped me to build a network of valuable connections and resources. She coached me in forming a powerful message that enrolled support for my project, taught me effective communication tools, and helped me refine my image. She introduced me to training and development opportunities that provided clarity of purpose."  Alvin Howard, The Youth Life Skills institute




"Ana has been able to help me do what I could not do myself.  My schedule is so tight that time is a precious resource and Ana has been able to help me focus  my efforts.  I was unfocused and ineffective in my business relationships and that has all changed because of her. Now, I keep my objectives prioritized. Ana has me back on track and my profits have more than doubled." Ryan Smithson, Winston-Salem 


"I recently hired Ana to facilitate part of a leadership for High Potential leaders in our organization.  The leaders range from the manager level through the Vice President level. Ana did a fantastic job facilitating the group.  She was able to meet the objectives of the group while keeping the meeting both meaningful and humorous.  The group members walked away with a deeper understanding of their leadership strengths and several commented afterwards that they have not laughed so hard in years.  Ana is a very gifted creative facilitator." Robin Broadnax, SPHR Moses Cone Health System...Leadership Retreat Planner


“I was always amazed at how Ana directed each one in our group through our own meaningful thought processes. Also, how she connected each one of us through it all. Ana has vision, energy and solutions. Anyone at anytime of their life will find great benefit from being a part of one of Ana's Women Power Groups. Ana I'm so glad I was!” Susan Jones, Winston-Salem

“The number one thing Ana did was held me accountable. As a result, I landed new business. Anyone who is looking for specific direct action oriented tools to increase their business and productivity should hire Ana!" Deborah Bryant, Bryant Marketing   


Speaking Engagements 

"Ana shared the types of things we all keep hidden inside, and showed us tools that can free us!" Chris S, Greenville, SC 

"Connecting! There is such an amazing strength and freedom to be gained if we are brave enough to share our stories!" Lisa P. Greenville, SC

"This presentation was honest, uplifting, affirming...meeting me right where I am." Lura D Greenville, SC

"The real <How to get to Tomorrow and Beyond> with grace, laughter, and self-respect."    Shelly R  Greenville, SC

"The evening was filled with fellowship and laughter."Anonymous

"Ana had her finger on the pulse of the audience; she got through to them, she reached their soul, and also made them laugh." Bob Morris, Winston-Salem NC