Meet Ana Tampanna

Hello, I am Ana Tampanna,
Professional Coach, MFA, PCP,
with over 29 Years Experience in the Personal Growth and Training Industry and TEDX speaker at TEDXWinstonSalemWomen held at Salem College, 2016.

My story: 

In my early 30's, I married a handsome soldier and settled in for a "happily ever after" in Florida.  But did we ever have crises!  I even dreamed about alligators taking big bites out of me! 

The "alligators" included my  husband suffering from  2 bouts of cancer at the same time our son was born; 3 stepsons, familiar with poverty, abuse, and alcoholism, who ended up incarcerated; our own two children who deal with ADD, ADHD, Asperger's, depression, and the world of being LGBT.

I learned that every family has "messes," disappointments, and sometimes tragedy.  I also came to terms with unfortunate events that I experienced as have millions of other women: sexual assault in the workplace and in academia, and even college rape. 

Still, I trained leaders, wrote a book, and developed a speaking career, then became trained and certified as a coach.

The stepsons  became a calling for me...instead of "writing them off," I decided to BE their real mother, loving them unconditionally and standing for them to find purpose, forgiveness, and inner peace no matter where they are.

The resulting journey has been deeply revealing, inspiring and trans-formative. One of the men is now studying religion in college and mentoring men in the prison. Another is sharing his personal, inner thoughts with another human being for the first time, and the third saved a life, then became the prison's basketball coach. They send me Mother's Day cards and thank me frequently for love and support.

I have managed to take these unfortunate life events of sexual assault out of the "shadow stories" of my life and use them with my strengths to move me forward while supporting other women in a profound way. 

I am convinced that women as leaders can fulfill on amazing possibilities, and that motherhood is actually a leadership bootcamp! I support a brilliant mother who is reinventing her life after leaving a marriage and earning a new masters degree; I  held a powerhouse mom accountable as she built a campaign to run for public office;   I worked with a filmmaker to build a team for creating her dream project that would ignite the women's movement,  and I'm supporting an amazing leader who is running a campaign while developing a farm, running multiple income streams, and laying the foundation for a unique non-profit. Anything is possible with a coach to keep you shedding old belief systems and moving forward!


● MFA Florida State University
● BA Maryville College, Maryville, TN
● University Libre de Bruxelles, Belgium

Professional Training & Coach Training

● International Coaches Academy, Certified Graduate 2016 
● Nationally Certified Trainer of Trainers, Girl Scouts of United States of America
● Executive Coaching (Mentored by Master Coach Sande Churchill, PhD)
● Distinguished Toastmaster; state champion contest winner
● Graduate of Landmark Worldwide

Professional Facilitation Work Includes:

● Cone Health System Executive Nurses’s Retreat
● SHRM Leadership Development
● Conversations in Leadership, Piedmont Club, Winston-Salem
● State of Florida, Cardiovascular Conference
● Wachovia Management Training
● plus community organizations and non-profits dealing with diversity or service issues.

Keynote Presentation Clients include:

● Cone Health System
● East Ridge Medical Center, Chattanooga
● Levolor Corporation
● Lowe’s Foods
● Proctor and Gamble
● Leadership America, North Carolina
● FSU Center for Leadership Development
● Rockwood Cancer Clinic, Spokane, WA
● Susan B Komen Foundation, Raleigh Affiliate

Publications Include:

●  “The Womanly Art of Alligator Wrestling: Inspirational Stories for Outrageous Women Who Survive by Their Wisdom and Wit,” 2001;
●  “Rekindling the Human Spirit” (co-author) 2002;
●  “Managing Life’s Difficult Times: 75 Tips for Handling Crisis and Trauma in a Healthy Way;”
●  “Managing with Humor,” Business Life Magazine 1998;
●  “Keeping a Workforce Motivated,” Business Life Magazine 1999.


Complimentary Session

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Audrey Fannin MuckMeet former client Audrey Fannin Muck

“I increased my organization skills  by over 80%, I was even able to go to Europe for a month while others continued to work on the project! I stepped up my game by 88%, expanding my network, adding assistants, a team, support from the film industry, and a grassroots support base;And I increased my communication skills by 85%.

Devoted to re-igniting the women's movement, Audrey has produced the trailer for her film, increased the local chapter of NOW tenfold, and serves  on the national board for NOW, receiving awards for her dedication to passing the ERA.