Coaching Services

What does it mean to work with me as your Coach?

My clients are people who are high achievers. They are committed to making change and creating value. I offer two coaching packages to people who are highly skilled, wanting to create something new:

Inspired and independent womanPackage ONE: "Women Who are Up to Something" is for women who

  • Are passionate about making a specific contribution to the world
  • Are  troubled with the way things are going
  • Experience an overwhelming  work load
  • Have a desire to support younger women to find their voices and be change-makers
  • Are sometimes stalled with challenging relationships, or want more intimacy
  • Are good communicators but want to increase their effectiveness
  • Need to expand their networks in order to "play bigger"
  • Are confronted with the need to be perfect



confident manPackage TWO: "People Re-inventing Themselves" is for Highly capable, experienced people who

  • Want to take on a new career direction 
  • Have people counting on them, families and/or spouse
  • Want results faster
  • Desire an award-winning team
  • Want to build leaders inside their team
  • Get frustrated with the critical or irresponsible people around them
  • Feel pulled in many directions with the need for focus.


What results can you expect when you work with me?

You will realize your goals and get results faster. It could include:

  • Produce a team with evolving leaders
  • Develop better relationships with family members
  • Be leaders who are liked and supported by employees
  • Work with laser focus
  • Increase your network, and develop new abilities
  • Experience more playful fun
  • Become deeply satisfied by fulfilling your life purpose.

We will work together for 12 months which includes 36 sessions, separated into 3 connections a  month.  The connections are by phone, or can be with skype or zoom. I am available in between sessions with exquisite client support in a private, secure, online portal, where we can communicate between sessions to keep the momentum going as you can share ideas and documents for me to brainstorm with you. 

We start with a complimentary Discovery Session, in which I help you get crystal clear on what it is you want to accomplish in our work together. What is it you are committed to change and or create in your life , work and world.  If you are ready to gain clarity and see what is possible now, not years from now which never comes, does it? Make a time for your growth by clicking on my link and setting a complimentary appointment with me: Here is a link to my calendar.

You might ask why 12 months? What I know as an expert in the field of personal growth and change is that To make significant changes and create real results it takes a year to fully discover your sticking points that are keeping you from the results you want, determine the solutions to those stuck spots or mindset traps and finally to implement the real solutions that bring results, so they are indelible.

Coaching is about realizing the need for and taking consistent action and creating momentum toward realizing your results. This 12 month package gives you all of the support, accountability and ability to gain and maintain momentum while accomplishing so much more than you could consider on your own,

professional colleagues walkingReady to get started?

Click here to access my calendar and schedule a complimentary session with me.