Coaching Services

What are the options for working with me?


My clients are people who are high acheivers. I offer two coaching packages to people who are highly skilled, wanting to create something new:

"Women Who are Up to Something" is for women who

  • Are passionate about making a specific contribution to the world
  • Are extremely troubled with the way things are going 
  • Care about a particular commnity or community issue
  • Have challenging relationships to manage, or want more intimacy
  • Are good communicators but want to increase their effectiveness
  • Need to expand their networks in order to "play bigger"
  • Are confronted with the need to be perfect

"Men Re-inventing Themselves" is for Highly capable, experienced men who

  • Want to take on a new career direction 
  • Have people counting on them, families and/or spouse
  • Desire an award-winning team
  • Want to be acknowledged for their leadership
  • Get frustrated with the critical or irresponsible people around them
  • Feel pulled in many directions with the need for focus.

Clients who work with me 

  • Get where they want to go faster
  • Produce award winning teams
  • Receive community recognition
  • Work with laser focus
  • Always increase their networks, and develop new abilities
  • Experience more playful recreation
  • Are deeply satisfied by fulfilling their life purpose.

We work for 36 sessions, separated into 3 a month.  They are by phone, or can be with skype or zoom. I am available in between sessions with exquiste client support an a private, secure, online portal.  We start with a complimentary Discovery Session. Here is a link to my calendar.

To make significant changes and create real results it takes a year to fully discover your sticking points that are keeping you from the results you want, determine the solutions and finally to implement the solutions, so they are indelible. Coaching is about realizing the need for and taking consistent action and creating momentum toward realizing your results. This package gives you all of the support, acountability and ability to gain and maintain momentum while accomplishing so much more than you could consider on your own,